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  • Title : Charli Xcx - Grins
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Charli Xcx - Grins, Wish you could see me when I’m lying in bed
My eyes are blinded by your stars
My blood is blushing so red

(Oh my God)
I can see you in my head again
Arrows and bows will shoot me dead again and

Let my car run out
I won't scream or shout
‘Cause I feel like I’m in heaven dancing with an angel
Cars burn out
Lost my breath now
‘Cause I feel like I am falling through the clouds

Hope we’re on the same wavelength
Hope you don’t think that I’m crazy
Beaches and oceans for my baby
Hurry up and come and save me
I can’t quite hear what you’re saying
Because my body started shaking
Beaches and oceans, love is quaking
That’s my heart that you were breaking

[Repeat all]

(No one is forever-ever-ever-ever-ever)[x3]
(No one is forever-ever-ever-ever-ever)

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