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  • Title : Fyke - Antisocial
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Lirik Fyke - Antisocial

Fyke - Antisocial, I don't need no one
I swear I've got this figured out
No, I don't keep no one
Don’t get lost inside the crowd

Cuz I’m something separate
I’ve got this method
It’s got me falling apart
If I keep on pushing
Then they'll stop pulling
Then no one’s breaking my heart

I don’t need no one
I don’t feel no one
I’m not running away
I can’t miss someone
If there is no one
Then why am I afraid?

You got me antisocial
I’m in denial that everything’s alright
You got me antisocial
Why can’t I be normal?
I’m miserable inside

I don’t trust no one
And I think I’m paranoid
I’m always on the run
From the monsters in the void

I’m not something special
So don’t say hello
Just stay there right where you are
I’ll have one less problem
If I just stop them
I feel so alone in the dark

I don’t need no one
I swear I’ve got this figured out
No, I don’t need no one
Then why do I feel like I’ve drowned?

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