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  • Title : Metronomy - Mick Slow
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Metronomy - Mick Slow,
You're never around it's not enough
But I can forgive that stuff
I couldn't have found out hard enough
Yeah it's pretty tough

Light marks above the letter
Front's coming together
And I've checked the weather
It's only getting wetter man
Now dance something real
A toe - tap a heel
I'll tell you the deal
It went to a better man
Keep one eye upon the sun
Heart beats loud like big bass drum
Something unbelievable
Has come when it needed to

Keep one eye upon the door
Look for what's incredible
Something unbelievable
Like I've never see before

I've got something better
Perfect for this weather
You and I together
Might it last for ever?

I know you
I know you
I know you
I know you
I know you
I know you

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