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Lirik Wisin - Vacaciones

Wisin - Vacaciones,

I thought I saw a cute little cat
Double T

I woke up
In the living room of someone else's house
and I stumbled
Upon two heels and four bottles
I'll remember
the thing that was really good
And I found myself
On the couch with a couple of

To keep on working
And I'm still celebrating
That way llife Is lived better
Last night was crazy
Tomorrow Is another adventure
may be the day after I'll forget today

I don't need vacation nor headaches
I only need my friends
And a little sip of beer
I just want you to let me know
If tonight there's a party

Lero lero la , sweating
Lero lero la , grinding
Lero lero la , dirty dancing
Lero lero la , vacillating

I got out of bed and the rumba calls me
Twenty four seven In search of a lady
I forgot the fame
The drink Is spilled
And I'm still grinding and dancing till my feet are Inflamed

I know you want It
I also want It
I don't protest, I Just want to be the first
If u ask me for a kiss I'll over do It
You know the cowboy
the one who walks with a Cuban woman and wears a Mexican hat

I don't need vacations or headaches
I only need my friends
And a little sip of beer
I don't need vacations or headaches
I Just want them to tell me
If tonight there's a party

Lero lero Ali, sweating
Lero lero Ali, grinding
Lero lero lai, dirty dancing
Lero lero lai, vacillating

Rumba, party and tequila
My combo doesn't line up
baby you're with me so calm down
Fascinates me how you vacillates me
Your body controls me
And how you completely depilate yourself

This Is a Latin party
Every body to the pool
Tell your friends that this
Never ends
let's go to the corner
mama you look divine
Fascinates me
Baby show me the routine

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